Become an apprentice chef for a cooking class.

Create and enjoy delicious meals in a friendly atmosphere.

Our Mealresto chefs offer you cooking classes inspired by the Caribbean and Guyana, to help you discover this heritage. Revisit the classics of Creole cuisine and learn how to create your own dishes following your inspiration. And to finish, you will taste your delicious creations.

An original activity

For the pleasure of learning chef techniques worthy of a restaurant, or to experience an unusual activity with friends, family or couple, cooking classes are an excellent way to bring hearts closer together... And stomachs! Discover the workshops available near you and share a unique moment of relaxation.

Cooking classes for young and old

From the starter to the dessert, our chefs transmit their know-how and their love of cooking in a playful and warm way. Browse our platform to find the cooking class that suits your taste and exchange directly with the chefs near you!

In our workshop or at home

Specify your geolocation (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana or France hexagonal) and find the cooking classes available near you. You will have the choice between workshop courses when the chefs have a laboratory at their disposal, or classes at home in a friendly atmosphere. The choice is yours!

Cooking well requires good ingredients, taste and a heart full of love.

"My 5 year old son enjoyed his cooking class... he was proud to let me taste what they had cooked. Can't wait for the next class."


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