Invite a taste experience to your table

How about a meal prepared by a private chef?

Our chefs offer you their vision of Creole cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the West Indies, French Guiana and Reunion Island, this cuisine with multiple influences is warm, rich and sometimes surprising. Let yourself be transported by MealResto chefs and experience a gourmet moment at home.

A menu that reflects your image

Besides the chefs' suggestions, you will also find a discussion space to exchange directly about your Meal. Find the chef near you who will be able to satisfy all your desires. From a romantic evening to a meal with friends, to a Sunday brunch with your family, everything is possible! Their mission? To make a small place for themselves in your daily life to make you live a privileged moment.

Talented and creative chefs

Our Chefs revisit the basics of Creole cuisine to pass on to you their love of the local land and Creole culture. These Creole gastronomy lovers will know how to dazzle you with the richness of this heritage, by sublimating the rich local products that are the "péyi" products. They will share with you their know-how and make you discover new flavours... Even for the most seasoned palates!

A new experience

Have you ever wondered what a leader looks like in action? Passion, experience, meticulous gestures, live this unique experience in your home. You'll have plenty of time to relax with your feet under the table, waiting to enjoy a delicious meal. Plus, our chefs take care of the cleaning. All you have to do is enjoy yourself!

Lend yourself to the game of a singular experience

"Thanks to Mealresto, and to Chef Eric..."


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